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Report - Broadfords- May 2010


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Broadfords in Aberdeen has been done to death, but I felt a few of my images were unique enough to warrant a posting.

It is a massive location comprising what looked to me like a full street bricked shut at either end and numerous buildings and factories in between. The visit was cut short as the sounds of vandals screaming and breaking windows scared the be-jesus out of me and my escort and we decided to live to fight another day and GTF (Get To Fuck). You would think with me being ex-army and holding the Afghan service medal it would take a bit more to scare me! but there you go, and they were making a LOT of noise.

Straight to the good stuff!


One of two main towers at Broadfords


Anybody good with electrics


The scale of the place is amazing


My escort








Rushed photo!

Grabbed this last photo just before we got spooked and left.

The history of the place is well documented elsewhere but briefly the first factory was built around 1808 and is the earliest example of an iron framed building in Scotland

Catch me on flickr http://www.flickr.com/photos/johndale1971/

Urs John



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Nice to see here again, gotta agree with Dweeb though :( Still, it's amazing how long this place has been about as an explore given it's location!

I recognise your escort too :)

Good stuff mate :thumb


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Are you saying it was actually nice at one point!
It was amazing about 4 years ago!
Intact windows, offices full of amazing things, no graffiti.

Now I've watched it deteriorate over the years and its so sad.
My flat is close to the factory, I drive past it every day and now I see groups of lads wearing Dappy hats hanging about the gate [factory side, not the street side] and the wire gratings are being pulled off windows, it wont be long before its just a complete wreck.
I hate to think what this weather has done to poor Richard :(


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this place has been burned smashed and the council think it could collapse :eek: and the place apparently closed in 2004 woah

and this place is being turned into houses


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what was it?