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Report - Broadoaks Manor, West byfleet, Got arrested.. August 2013


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Dear urban explorer friends,

My activity here and outside has been sadly and horribly cut down as I have been arrested in Broadoaks Manor, in west byfleet, the 12th of august.
So first of all, DO NOT go there anymore. They have security and added more guys since me.

I've been caught by one security guard, didn't run (big mistake)(didn't think it would be that bad), big guy came soon after that, they were acting nice, but when they called the police they said I've been in the building 7 times before, breaking doors, windows and thrashing the place...as some kids came one day with baseball bats apparently also. So I got charged with criminal damage, burglary and trespassing.
I stayed in a cell from 5pm to 3am.. got my mugshot and fingerprints in the police network now. At first it was "ok", I was relaxed and I could handle the pressure, I didn't do anything wrong. But I really started getting tired after 5 hours in the cell..
Had a 1 hour interview with a detective after 8 hours in the cell...! Did my best to explain him I was a photographer but they never heard of anyone going inside abandoned buildings to take pictures.. I was exhausted and they told me at 3am they would seize my camera, my phone and my ipod. I got angry with tears in my eyes saying it was unacceptable, doesn't make any sense, I didn't do anything wrong.
I LITERALLY walked inside the manor, a door was open, and I didn't even escalate any fence, just pushed it on the side.
So they gave me everything back..(???), except my memory cards with the pictures. Ok..

Now, my "case" should have ended two weeks ago, I went to the police station, only to be re-bailed until end of november!! Because my case is going through forensic!!
So I'm going to court in november, needless to say how sad this makes me.. It's ridiculous but there is nothing I can do.
And no way I can visit any buildings for now, it's killing me..

So wish me good luck for november....have balls, and also, stay safe.

The "fence", easiest way in ever

Happy I got in

Some pics of my camera I took with my phone as I was pretty sure they would seize my memory cards


Big guy coming..

Arriving home in east london at 7 in the morning with night buses, all the way from somewhere near heathrow airport..

You almost wish you would have been with me don't you?
Well, I am happy I always go by myself.

Take care,
Ruben Hart Photography


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Wow! Well done, at least you got some shots on your phone! So not entirely wasted journey. Hope all went in your favour in court & you got your memory cards back. Its an amazing house & so good to see your pics!!