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Report - Brogyntyn Hall - Shropshire - Feb 2016


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The Visit
This visit was fairly short-lived unfortunately as JdotN15, another explorer and I was caught on the way in and just carried on anyway, the other explorer didn't fancy staying after being caught, hence why we made it a quick one which resulted in us only getting chance to get few shots, after refusing to get out the way we got in we was let out by some lovely workers and greeted by a genuinely awesome policeman and the not so awesome owner.
Owner: "what you going to arrest them for"
Policeman: "nothing, nothing to arrest them for"
Owner: "but they broke in"
Policeman: "you don't need to break in to get in"

Even gave us a lift to the nearest pub, which resulted in some amazing stories of the previous owner and him giving us some other places to check out!

Brogyntyn Hall was constructed around 1730 and remodelled in 1804. It was a residence of members of the princely dynasty of the Welsh kingdom of Powys and one of the houses of the gentry in late medieval Wales. It subsequently came into the possession of the Ormsby-Gore family, Lord Harlech. The estate of Porkington, as it was then known, passed by marriage to the Owen family in the early C17. On the death in 1792 of Robert Godolphin Owen the estate was inherited by his sister Margaret, wife of Owen Ormsby. In 1815 her daughter and heiress Mary Jane Ormsby married William Gore of Woodford, MP for North Shropshire 1835-57. His son Ralph, who held the same parliamentary seat 1858-76, was created Baron Harlech. Brogyntyn, as the estate has been known since the later C19, remains in private hands after a string of tragedies including two Lords Harlech dying without wills, leaving massive death duties to be paid, saw the decline of the family fortunes and subsequent sale of the Hall. Interestingly it was also used during the war by British Telecom as headquarters for communications for the spy network operating in Europe.







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The Wombat

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These aren't a bad set of photos :thumb
Shame you couldn't get more


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This place looks wonderful - it looks like you had a great time in Wales & Shropshire. Good story too. :)

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