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Report - Bromfield Corn Mill and Saw Mill (Shropshire, Mar, 2020)


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A pair of mid 1800s water-powered mills on either side of the River Teme, part of the Oakly Park Estate.

The mills were fed by a V-shaped weir - the mills, weir and bridge over the river are all listed structures.

Pictures were taken on a day of sunshine and showers.

Starting with the former corn mill on the right, this once had a central waterwheel, now gone, and seems to have been cleaned up a bit recently judging by old photographs.

The ground floor, muddy due to recent flooding, has drive wheels and mechanisms for adjusting the spacing between the grinding stones on the floor above.

On the other side of the central water passage is a small room with ovens, a former bakehouse, but I forget to take a picture of this.

Upstairs are the remains of three sets of stones and some shafting.

The rest of the place is just empty.

A pair of Archimedes screws now generate electricity from the tail race.

View over to the saw mill on the other side of the river.

A then-and-now comparison taken from the bridge - the saw mill hasn’t changed much since 1890 (top photo), although the water wheel has gone.

The main room has piles of wood and a circular saw, made by W Cook and Sons, Glasgow - the Cook factory is still there according to streetview and still looks explorable.

The saw was powered most recently by an electric motor in the room next door via a short section of shafting through the wall.

The water wheel was evidently replaced by a water turbine sometime after 1890, and the top part of this (muddy bevel gear at the bottom of the picture) can still be seen, next to a sluice mechanism.

View of the turbine gear through the hole where its take-off entered the basement.

The saw mill also seems to have been a water pumping station judging from what’s left in the basement and wheelhouse, although empty plinths and brackets suggest some machinery has gone.



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Amazing! I'd have thought these were shots from Beamish Museum or something, it looks that good. I really hope this place can get the funding and care it needs before it falls victim to the usual treatment!

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Lovely work. Amazingly clean, I like the description of each photo, makes a really good report as usual. :cool: :thumb

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