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Report - Brooklands race track ww2 air raid shelter,bunker - surrey - april 2014

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I have a bit of an obsession with Brooklands and have spent a lot of time an effort looking into this historic site. I had hooked up with Bhg last year to swap info and we came across a video showing a bunker which had been sealed https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7_iw1TDmlDk . We spend ages trying to find it without success. Then one day i stumbled across it, must have walked past it a dozen times without noticing it.
Inside the bunker we discovered it to have three corridors which decended about 10 to 15ft into the bank of the race track, which was full of old jigs and tooling left over from the British Aircraft Corporation days, there was some benches inside which may have been used during Air raids, it was great to see some writing on the walls noting the time and dates of Air raid warnings! At the far end of the shelter it was bricked up, we were confused to what was behind this wall. Some investigating on the internet revealed that it was the entrance door for a hanger which was built into the banks of the race track. Going by the page 3 calender on the wall ( Linda Lusardi for those interested:) )which was dated 1988, this must be when it was sealed
It was a small bunker but connected to a huge historic site, which turned out to have had a bit more history to it than we could have imagined:)

Brooklands Race track has so much history, so i will concentrate on this part only, i keep meaning to put together a proper report on Brooklands.
During the Second World War Brooklands was home to Aircraft manufacture, Aircraft such Vickers Wellington and the Hawker Hurricane, so more hangers went up and a hanger was built into the Race track under Members bridge. This hanger had access to several Air raid shelters. The hanger survived until the late 70's early 80's when it was demolished. The company who bought part of the Circuit, did so under the proviso that they repaired the track back to its original state, so the track was replaced and the bunker was sealed. The date it was sealed was 1985.


This is the hanger which used the Air raid shelter. Built during the war and demolished around 1980. In the second photo, the hanger can be seen in the bottom left hand corner on the race track. Borrowed from simonlewis

these are photos are by The velobanjogent taken in 1974

This shows the track today, you can see the different quality of the track, the top part is the old surface and below is the replaced section

This shows the old exit


One of a few benches in the shelter


Bricked up entrance which is now covered by the track

The bricklayers mark


Some old jigs and tools



Air raid warning times

Percy Lamberts ghost ?

Lots more Brooklands stuff to see
Thanks for looking


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aww missing Brooklands air raid shelter! It took ages to find it! Really nice report Soylent! and great story behind! thank you for sharing!


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Nice little shelter mate..page three pic of linda lusardi is an added bonus :)