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Report - Brookside Residential Complex Caldicot in Monmouthshire


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Brookside residential complex was opened in 1976 to house elderly people throughout 37 flats. Some of which were two bedroom, but the majority were one bedroom apartments consisting of a bedsit type living room with a small kitchen and even smaller bathrooms attached.
Included in the building were communal bathrooms with rather big and ugly pieces of lifting equipment for the carers to use, one main large communal lounge with a kitchen area and a smaller one with just a dartboard and TV. It was high tech at the time of build and included equipment called a TOTEM system, which meant that the various thermostats would feed info back to county hall in Cwmbran (about 20 miles away) and the heating could be controlled remotely, bearing in mind that this was pre internet or even digital signal time!
In its later years of 2005 - 2016, the number of empty apartments increased as older people were becoming healthier and more self sufficient and interest in living in this type of complex became less and less. For the last 3 years of its life only 14 of the apartments were filled, and the large wardens apartment upstairs was used as a temporary office hub for Monmouthshire Housing Association staff.

Sadly now demolished and built on, I fired up an old laptop and found pics on that I took 3 days before the shutters went on, and a day after I had disconnected the last tenants cooker for them to be moved.

Now, apologies for the photos. I've been a lurker on here for some time and although I do explore often, I rarely take pictures! I must state though, I did not move any items to get the shots, but these are entirely as
left. Clearly only done with phone!

North exterior of building.

One of the beautiful apartments

The dodgy lift that has trapped many an unsuspecting pensioner!


One of many long and boring corridors


Communal bathroom with obligatory hoist


Fuck the cistern!


One of the views over the south gardens


The upper North corridor


No room for swinging of cats


The shower room of Dave, the last resident. When he left, he took few of his personal belongings, but simply put his shoes on, grabbed his bag and simply left!


Old paperwork from Monmouthshire county council. Even had plans for the first Severn bridge in one of the boxes!


These were on the majority of doors to prevent the junk mail piling up and being used as kindling!


In the main lounge


The main lounge seating area. Through the windows at the rear of pic is the carpark and main entrance


The old wardens flat being used as Christmas tree storage


Apparently the guest room


The mains panel shot



Boiler room door


1970's era smart home technology

Grainy shots of boiler house


Emergency gas shut off system


Thanks for looking. Please be gentle as I've never done a post and I've certainly taken very few photos on explores, but why do I need to with you guys already on the case?


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I really like this. Nice to see a building from that period that is still in such good condition. Looks like it was taken good care of. Even the boiler room looks tidy and the door is smartly painted. Places like that normally get neglected. Shame it was knocked down. It could have been converted into ordinary flats.

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Thats councils for ya, take a perfectly good building and demo it, this could of been affordable bedsits for homeless etc.

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