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Report - Broom Green Chapel: Oct 2021 / Jan 2022


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Broom Green Chapel
Being local to me, Broom Green chapel is a lovely little one to visit on a nice sunny day, having been 2 or 3 times now, I've gathered a few photos over my visits and decided to do a quick report on it as it's a beautiful little place, the best bit is the mural on the wall, It's stood up to the test of time remarkably well. The chapel is of brick construction with pantile roof, it had wooden framed windows with beautiful stained-glass, some orange glass fragments are still present.

This place is easy enough to find online, there's a bit of history I managed to locate. It was constructed around 1886 because the local congregation at Broom Green used to gather in a house, they had done this for many years, but they were told that this meeting place would no longer be available to them, so they began fund-raising in order to build a chapel.
On 13th June 1886, locals gathered to witness the memorial stones of the new building being laid by Mrs Steppings of Fakenham and Mrs Martin, the wife of the local circuit superintendent minister.
There were 70 seats in total., 20 of these were free whilst 50 could be rented. People would choose a preferred seat for a quarter in return for a small sum and in this way, chapel funds were augmented.
The cost of the building was £148.4.11½d. There were between 2 and 3 regular church services on Sundays, and one service on Thursdays. There was also a choir and a brass band, who performed for locals on Boxing Day of 1907 along with plenty of other regular performances.
Around the mid 1950s, there were very few in attendance, the chapel still held 2 regular Sunday services, but it didn't last. The chapel stopped services between 1950 and 1970. I couldn't find an exact date of closure.

On my first visit, it was overgrown, as shown in the first photos. On my latest visit this month (January 2022) it has been cleared out somewhat. It's still overgrown internally, but the external overgrowth has been removed.




The mural reads ‘Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and thou shalt be saved’







The Since cleared out chapel, looks like It's got a funky hair-do!



Door to what would have been the toilet




The memorial stone, it's been there for more than 130 years


Some of the old stained-glass still wedged in the window frame



Thanks for reading.

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