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Report - - Broomhill Open Air Pool, Ipswich, Jan 09 | Leisure Sites |

Report - Broomhill Open Air Pool, Ipswich, Jan 09

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Visited this site last week and as you can see from the pics it's rather snowy...

The pool could be filled in with sand/rubble within the next few months, which means the Broomhill Pool Trust (Broomhill Pool Trust) may never get their pool reopened.

The website has a lot of information about the pool including old photos but here is a brief history...
-Opened April 1938, costing £17,000
-Closed 2002
-Grade II listed 2001 (council has not yet had consent to fill the pool)
-55 yards long, 8 lanes wide, 5 metres deep at the deep end
-Pool closed as the council claimed it was making a loss of £60,000 per year and discovered it would need extensive refurbishment to keep it running




The old water feature was turned into a flower bed which has turned into a pile of weeds...


The water was completely iced over





Ice cream anyone?





The diving boards have been closed off after some drunk guys decided it would be fun to break into the pool, dive into the dirty water and post the video on youtube...



Boy's changing rooms






"Very friendly vandals"



I forgot to get any photos of the paddling pool next to the big pool because I'm a bit silly.

Hope you enjoy the photos, I would welcome feedback on which ones you think are stronger images or need improving.

Thanks for looking :D