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Report - Browns Folly December 2011


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Brown's Folly is a 39.9 hectare biological and geological Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) near the village of Bathford in Bath and North East Somerset, notified in 1974. Also known as Farleigh (or Farly) Down Stone Quarry, it is operated as a nature reserve by the Avon Wildlife Trust
Brown's Folly is situated on steep west-facing slopes which overlook the River Avon. The calcareous soils have developed on Lower Lias clays, fuller's earth and oolitic limestone strata of Jurassic age.

The site includes the remains of quarries used for the extraction of Bath Stone. These provide a rich variety of wildlife habitats. Downland flora has covered the spoilheaps where wild thyme, harebell and nine species of orchid (including the rare Fly Orchid) are found here.The damp cliff faces support a variety of ferns, fungi and spiders. Pockets of ancient woodland on the lower slopes are home to woodpeckers, and unusual plants such as Bath asparagus.

It seems some idiots are leaving alot of little and skanky waste in there,which is a shame

Headed down with Urban Junkie,Tucker and Rustproofhawk to meet OT at clapham junction and have a little mooch around and find somewhere to kip down for the night


some old carvings


carbide lamps produce a lovely warm glow



Watering hole


Old Tracks



After a bit of sleep we headed off to a cafe on a canal boat for a big feed then checked out some other mines in the area



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