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Report - Browns Folly - Grahams Grovel


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Browns has been done many times, but i have never seen a report form this section of the workings.

Browns underground quarry was originally part of the larger Monkton Farleigh Mine. It was cut off from the main quarry when the War Department converted MF for ammunition storage.

The passage we crawled down would have originally linked browns to the larger MF part of the workings. The link between to two has been now bricked up as the MF districts are now privately owned. But you can still see a section of this tunnel.

There are a few nice features here that almost make the painful crawl across the dead stone worth it!

:Not Worthy To who ever discovered this root in the first place :thumb

Its a tight old 'grovel' till you get to a lovely open tunnel





This picture shows where the tunnel shrinks down under the arch.


Spent ages trying to get a photo of this barrel, water has collected in it and the high lime content has literally turned it to stone.



Random place to find a stop tap? Still works too :thumb


Heading back through the dead stone i noticed the tip of this sticking out. So we got are dig on and uncovered this nice little find burred in the stone...


Its very damp in Browns atm, when we were popping over to the well to wash up found these little beauties growing in the prop chamber.


Thanks for looking.


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It was a couple of years ago we did it mate, not been back since but might pop in there shortly to have a look.

professor frink

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GG is still accessible but the wall at end is heavily reinforced from the inside.
You could probably d19 into the goal nearby though ;)


Blocking of the grovel is/was nothing to do with Brian, you've got Dave The Cave to thank for that. I mean, come on, Brian can't even get into it. It's yet another of Dave's petty attempts to play the politics game by pinning shit on Brian, whilst portraying himself as the good guy, to progess his own 'status' amongst the broader community.


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My bad, I knew someone had told me it was blocked and Bwian was the obvious choice for doing it.

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