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Report - - Browns Folly Lunch Explore - 13/03/09 | Mines and Quarries |

Report - Browns Folly Lunch Explore - 13/03/09

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Brown's Folly is a 39.9 hectare biological and geological Site of Special Scientific Interest near Bath.
The Folly is situated on steep west facing slopes which overlook the River Avon.
The site includes the remains of quarries used for the extraction of Bath stone.

A group of the usual suspects headed out on Friday with the intention of meeting up for some Underground luncheon.
We met in a small wooded carpark and headed through the trees and down into Browns.
In the first party was OT, Rooks, Squirrell911, Zerocool and Myself.
Turkey, Dweeb and Raddog were en route and would meet us in there.

Our Dining Room was to be at Clapham Junction apparently :crazy
While OT and Squirrell began to cook, myself and Rookinella had a wander around and took a few pics.
OT's Dog who was also with us, had plenty of Stick based fun at the same time. Her Red-lit Collar helped with some of the light painting too :D

The others arrived and it was time to serve up Burgers, Sausages and Tea. We all had a good laugh for an hour or so and then went on to explore the underground system some more.

We saw the sights and OT's Dog particularly enjoyed the little crystal clear Pool. Eventually we all headed off to new pastures ;)
I didn't take loads of pics, but I'm sure some of the others will post a few up too.

A junction in the Mine Cart tracks

Taking a much needed rest

Rooks painting with light


Now that's what I call Mineral Water

The Swimming Pool with a Ladder based Diving Board

The Tracks run down the Tunnels for miles

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