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Report - Brown's Folly Mine - Aug '17

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I'm one of those who has been watching from the sidelines on this forum for many years, but I've recently got a little more time, it's been long overdue for my first report, sorry!

The history - Browns Folly Mine is a Bath Stone quarry which was originally part of Monkton Farleigh Mine however when the War Department converted part of the quarry into an ammunitions store they separated part of the quarry which is the area now known as Browns Folly. The main adit into the quarry was blasted by the military probably to prevent access to the Monkton Farleigh Ammunition Depot connected to Brown's Folly.

Closed in the 1930s, Browns Folly Mine is an SSSI (Special Site of Scientific Interest) because of its national importance for hibernating and roosting bats.

A photo of the original workers – not sure of the exact date.

This is a great photo – it shows the rail system you see in the mines and how it would have worked.

The explore

I’ve been down a couple of times over the last month, both times with a friend who is a non-member here.

We entered through Muddy Hole which was as tight as always but in good condition. We met another group of three who I think were from Shepton Mallet Caving Club, they seemed friendly and had the full survey that the club has completed.

This place always amazes me with its sheer size, you have to be so careful not to get lost down there. The site is in good shape, no significant change or damage that I could see since visiting several years before, although I’m sure some has been caused and then cleared up!

Muddy hole, in all her glory.



Near Clapham Junction

Magical glowing trough, in no way just lit by my torch.

The end of the line…

Hope you enjoyed, feedback welcome.


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What happened to the water in the pit in photo 2. That's always been full when I've been....

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