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Report - Bruner Mond Soda Ash Works - The Compressor Haus.


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Well this was an interesting one.

Me and Bobalow (AKA the Turbine Twins TM. C. 2016) were pretty much on a mad one, a caffeine fuelled drive through the night to smash up some sexy ass chemical industries in the north, and we weren't disappointed.

To be honest, you get complacent living in the north as everywhere you look you are inundated with industry. I mean just try living in the south west for a few years and you forget what a blow off valve sounds like!

Anyhow we'd just had to pull our socks up and 'do one' from a rather more secure and active site, so what better than hitting up some proper derpy derp to settle our palpitations and eager minds into a more sedative state.

We'd had this down on our combined map of potential sex for a week or so, it was a 'possible' in terms of coming up trumps with turbines, and yeah ok the power house was demolished a few years ago (sad times hombre) but one must not forget that most industrial complexes have a lot of other auxiliary operations that can do more than whet the appetite of even the most seasoned turbine hunter/industry geek (Indogeek).

BobaLow was actually on a low, his turbolevels were on a rock solid bottom after not having rubbed one all day, so as we walked through it all, I was having to sell this place like a derp estate agent.

"But appreciate the abandoned aesthetics" and "Feel the crunch of the dereliction under ones foot" I said, but I knew it was futile approach.

Only one thing was going to satisfy the needs of this industry heavyweight. Alas, about an hour later, after clambering and crawling through what i thought was already an interesting place, we found ourselves inside the compressor/exhauster house, stood there, the both of us jaws on the floor, our crotches pulsating slowly, removing a light sprinkling of Soda Ash .

The compressor house supplied the plant with high pressure (HP), intermediate pressure (IP) low pressure (LP) steam, complimenting the thermex reaction stage.

There is still a turbo running in this room so it can be quite noisy.

I'm guessing many of you young'ens would potentially mug off the chance to wander through a compressor house, but think back to the National Gas Turbine Establishment (NGTE) Pyestock, and for the majority, the most lavish sexy building on site was the compressor house. Ok so this maybe isn't the compressor house of Pyestock, but these places are thin on the ground, and to find 12 turbines in situ, with a varying array of makers plates, well, you can't argue can you.

So to any of you indogeeks, or just people having a mooch, check every building even if you don't know what you are looking at, oh and don't be put off by a bit of noise. Steam turbines especially are intricate pieces of engineering, and almost always superseded by more efficient modern gas turbines - cool things and not to be missed!

We concluded our day with a casual one with FB (the UK's No.1 official Turbo man beast) over at Lostock, all popping our cherry and appreciating the decrepid Turbo Aesthetics (TM) of its very own Turbus Nominatum.


The site has always had a direct rail link, which shows the size and importance of the place!




Light Ash Sechuers



Strange place - we nicknamed it the winter wonderland.


A sad sight when you see the names of previous industries that are derelict or already demolished in places that have closed themselves - Stanton Iron Foundry manufactured Kilns!



Half of the compressor house and Turbus Nominatum Gas compressor number two.


One of the five smaller exhauster turbines, and Number two gas compressor - one of the larger W.H.Allen Turbo compressors.


Even larger older compressors, switched off many years ago.


Gas compressor Number four.



Steam admission Valves


Steam Admission Valves






Happy hunting!
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Yeah its still running! A compressor thats on, a modern box instalment. She spools up and down - quite a nice environment to be in, in a strange way! The rest of them have been offline for at least 3 years.


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:eek: :thumb:thumb *Sigh* i think i'm in love :p .... do they take reservations ???? :D top shelf mate ! excellent!

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Really nice. Part of the ash work I never got to see. Fantastic stuff