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Report - Brunswick Tunnel and air raid shelter Harrogate April 14

Rob Lord

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So a few weeks ago me and one of my mates decided to get off our arses and go and explore Brunswick tunnel here in harrogate armed with my trusty sony a7 and my minolta film camera (film shots will be uploaded once i've had it processed).
I didn't get many shots inside due to a bit of piss poor preparation AKA my torch being fairly low power and we forgot the tripod, but i managed to get a couple of internals done with my mates better headlamp as a light source and high ISO.
Getting down into the tunnel was a bit of a pain due to how muddy it was due to all the rain and inside the tunnel wasn't any different ankle deep mud in places and uneven slippy brickwork on the floor.

The railway tunnel, opened in 1848, ran 400 yards directly below what is now Langcliffe Avenue, from the A61 Leeds Road roundabout to the opposite side of Tewit Well Road, where the current line that passes through Hornbeam Park is today.
Opened by George Stephenson and the York and North Midland railway company, the tunnel stood opposite the Hattersley Hotel (renamed the Brunswick Hotel in 1833) and was a controversial part of the only train route into Harrogate.

The track split from the Leeds-Selby line at Church Fenton and ran through to Brunswick station which was next to Trinity Methodist church on Trinity Road opposite the stray.

The line from York passed through Prospect Tunnel, over Crimple Viaduct then northwards towards the Stray but, just short of the Stray swung north-west into a tunnel for about a quarter of mile before exiting into a cutting under Leeds Road.

But the Brunswick station was short-lived and remained in operation for only 14 years until the new station in its present day town-centre location arrived in 1862.

Then during WW2 it was used as an air raid shelter.
Onto the pictures


colour shot of the entrance



the back of my mates head showing part of the 1940s WW2 air raid shelter


Whats left of the air raid shelter


Exiting the tunnel


Just the exit


Myself outside the entrance having an after explore smoke


one of my mate doing the same

Hope you enjoyed my shots.


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The Wombat

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Looks an interesting place, thanks for sharing

Harry Warburton

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That looks amazing mate! I'm new to all this and i was just wondering where the best places in Harrogate and Leeds were? cheers man