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Report - BSC Ipswich - Silos Conquered 17/12/06


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I dont know why it took me so long to get back here after my partial visit in August but today i returned to the BSC with The Ether and Fieldym. Lots has changed, some demolition which was annoying but acess had appered to some previously unexplored areas so that made up for it!

After checking out the animal feed building we decended into the dark bottom floor of the main factory.


First port of call was the room of workers graffiti which i had seen last time but had failed to get any decent pictures of.



We took the stairs up to the 1st floor where we stubled across a collection of labratorys and storerooms full of chemistery equipment and samples of 'urea' and 'effulent' amongst otherthings (not much sugar tho!:crazy )



Since my last visit the entrance to the main foyer had been locked down and the power turned off so we headed back along the 1st floor checking out the offices and IT sever rooms on the way.


We came to this well lit room at the end of the 1st floor which i had missed last time.


From here we headed back into the dark deapths of the factory and found our way to a stairwell to go up to the 3rd floor.


We were lucky as the door the leads to the finished products area of the factory (near the silos) had been opened since my last visit so we once again headed into uncharted territory. After scouting around we found our way to the base of the silos, No stairs! the acess to the top of the silos was via a lift but there was also a ladder that ran up inside the shaft so we had no choice but to climb that.

Boy was it worth it! after climbing for ages we came to the top, The silos have a walkway that runs along the top of all 4 and the ladder just took us straight into this, great views of ipswich





After a while at the top we headed back down and checked out a bit of the 'final product' area, alot of this was pitch black so we missed alot but after heading across some dogey sloping walkways between the silos we found this building at one end.


Floors were deep in syrup throughout most of the factory but this bit was the worst, if you walked quick enough your feet never touched the floor!


We headed back into the main production area and headed back along the 3rd floor through some trashed offices into what i think was the lime production area (a bi product of the process)


By now it was getting late so we dicided to go check out the demolition stopping off for a quick look in the main foyer/canteen/labs/first aid on the way. Apparently the factory is slowly being gutted and the parts taken to repair other BSC sites. Trouble is the building is built around the machineary so to get it back out again you pretty much have to take the buildign down at the same time. Theres some pretty huge bits of kit laying about being packed up to be shipped off to somewhere else.




i rember when this was all building:eek:

And that pretty much concludes the days proceedings, damn good way to spend 6 hours and not a dead hooker in sight! :freak :thumb


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