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Report - BSS Industrial - Leicester (July 2019)


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History stolen from previous reports:


BSS Industrial is a British specialist distributor of heating, ventilation, pipeline and mechanical services equipment based in Leicester.

The company was founded in the East Midlands 1899 as British Steam Specialties. High-profile acquisitions included Pegler & Louden (a specialist valve distributor) in 2005. Other acquisitions by The BSS Group plc included UBM Cadel (rebranded as PTS) in 1999, Price Tools in 2006, Buck & Hickman in 2007, Birchwood Products in 2008, Direct Heating Spares in 2009 and UGS – a privately owned underground drainage merchant purchased in February 2010.

The BSS board accepted an indicative £553 million takeover offer from Travis Perkins on 28 May 2010, an acquisition which was completed on 14 December 2010 as BSS Group shares were delisted from the London Stock Exchange.


As I work for the railway and get cheap travel, I thought I'd take a trip to Leicester on my day off as I'd never been. To see what delights it had. Had a look at Corah first but it seemed to be a hive of activity around all the areas where access may have been possible. So a bit further down the road, I stumbled upon this. I didn't get around the whole building as it was an absolute mess and smelt pretty bad in places. I was also pretty sure that I would bump into some squatters, so I was a bit nervy about that as I wasn't sure how they would react.










A very brief visit. Thanks for looking!


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28DL Full Member
Oh my god! I got in here when it was only recently abandoned. It was so clean, nothing like those photos. I didn't have a camera with me though, only my phone and that's a no no.

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