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Gained entry to BT Guardian in Manchester (Didn't have permission!) a couple of years ago. (Aug 2004)

Security is extremely tight now and the route I took would not work now.

AMEC are resposible for the maintenance of these tunnels (and all others i.e. Kingsway, Anchor, Glasgow, Liverpool etc) which is leased out to them by BT under a UK wide contract.

The main entrance is 55 george street, which is has the goods lifts. This is used by amec and BT cable engineers. All other entrances are actually emergency exits, some into telephone exchanges (some now sold on) and 2 other exits in ardwick and salford (covered elsewhere on the 28 days web site)

Can't beleve that they don't have fixed gas monitoring, yet they do in the exchange cable chambers which are 100 feet above this! (personnal gas monitors are required.)

Got lots of pictures, but batteries in the camera ran out at the bottom of the shaft, just as I went into the low level area.:mad:

Can't say too much more (you don't know who is also looking at this site!):eek:

Lots of myths about this, and some of the pictues can answer these (see drawing location maps)

PM me for more info.:thumb

Red blast doors and entrance into shaft 5. Lift is on other side of doors, which is not working anymore, and yellow ladder goes down about 100 feet to bottom of shaft, where double doors lead into AT8 (BT Guardian High Level) Low level tunnels are just under this. (see location drawing).

This is what they called the top man area, where some one would book people in, so they knew, who was down there. Mimic panels and drawings are in this areas, as well as a desk. The white pipework on the desk, is acutally and scaled model of the tunnels!

fire alarm cabling. this system had been turned off due to faults. The cable into the tunnels had been glued to the walls due to asbestos, some time in 1990s, but due to damp, they had all fallen off! so system was turned off. There was a fire not that long ago, the first they know about it, was when smoke came out of the air shaft at the rear of BT Rutherford house exchange. (they actually thought this exchange was on fire and not guardian)

this is the air shaft where the smoke was spotted from the tunnel fire:

inside the top of the air shaft (not the way in)

see this web site for more info on this area:

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hey, I have been working on this place for a year now still struggling for info can you help any way?


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I have been working on this for like a year now, I don't suppose anyone can give me any more info on this place please?

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