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Report - Bucklands Hospital, Dover, Kent - December 2015


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Bucklands Hospital

Another fairly modern hospital with some old architectural features, pretty cool to have a run about here and see so much left inside. It's a lot bigger than my pictures show and we barely saw much of it. If you're local, have a wander and see what you can find. :)

I'd spotted this about 6 months or so ago scouring google maps and put it aside for when we'd be in the area, then the lead thread was put up in September and I still was never going to be in Dover (Who goes to Dover other than to go out of Dover again to France??). Then suddenly we went to France...

So yeah, so much paper work to rummage through and some seriously interesting mortuary registers that really shouldn't have been left. Lots of lamps, beds, many many hospitaly stuffs.

Hope a few locals get to have a look, judging by the freshly placed digger out front, it probably wont be there much longer. :S

There is also a ww2 bunker underneath here apparently...

Exploited with MR and MrStewie.

I can't find any history on the place, probably not looking hard enough (This is as far as I got http://www.nationalarchives.gov.uk/hospitalrecords/details.asp?id=2991&page=13).


So on with the pictures!





















Excuse the wonky pics, and not because I didn't have a tripod (because i do now :D) but because what's exploring without cans.

Queue MR's pics that'll be a lot better haha.

Oh yeah, and cheers Maniac for help with the shelters even though we ran out of time! :D


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Ah bugger,went with a few lads for a look at this some months back and security was sat in the front of the building..nice to have a gander inside,there was a shelter in the car park of the school found and used for some form of piping to go thru not sure if there is one under the hospital though!good work mate


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Good effort. I looked at this about a month ago and there were security inside the building and no subtle way of getting in at that point. Looks better inside than I had expected.

Oxygen Thief

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Dover Union Workhouse Infirmary to 1930, Dover Institution (1930-1943), the County Hospital (1943-1948)

It doesn't look like any of those from the inside or outside. Was it completely rebuilt at some point?


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Dover Union Workhouse Infirmary to 1930, Dover Institution (1930-1943), the County Hospital (1943-1948)

It doesn't look like any of those from the inside or outside. Was it completely rebuilt at some point?
The workhouse buildings where up the back of the site mate (i think) and looked more the part,newer buildings at the front,some of the corridors looked a lot older and had some character but its all fairly modern inside


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I mentioned this to Slayaaa before christmas; on the matter of a possible morgue, EDIT: just checked with the ex's mum/my old boss, the morgue stayed in situ until it was demolished, she was based in the office next door, which was converted from the path lab. Did a few shifts there around summer 2009.

But yeah, cool report.
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