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28DL Full Member
Not so much of a lead as most of us in Stoke, or people who look on here often enough know about it already. I got a bit bored so I popped down and just got back home.

The place doesn't seem to have any security at the time I visited, but there's VERY high mounted CCTV - which if signs are believed, is active. Apparently it is guarded by security and daaaaaaawgs but I didn't see any?

Anyway, the place is completely shut up with wooden boards, and there's a construction vehicle(s?) in the front. I'd say this place doesn't have long left :( pity because it's a huge site! So, I may phone around to see who to speak to about getting permission - if they'll grant it. I also walked around the fencing... which took a while, and it doesn't seem like any kids or numpties have bent the bars to get in, don't know about the wall on the fielded side as I didn't fancy trudging through the field.

Just thought I'd update people on this as I would love to either go in myself or at least see a report thrown up :D