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Report - Buckston Browne Farm -Kent - May 2011


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Buckston Browne Farm

Animal laboratory of the Royal College of Surgeons of England

This site has featured on 28DL quite a bit recently and the history well documented, so I won't go into a Wiki copy and paste job.

Situated next to Charles Darwins old house this Explore has one of those unpleasant feelings about it. Although not a large complex it's mainly split between 2 building with a parking/court yard in the middle and of course the seperate empty manor house.

For some reason on both visits we headed for the larger building 1st, the one with the 2 large rooms with what I assume to be full of stuff from the manor house stored in it. It doesn't take long before you get an idea of the sort of place you're in when you read the signs on the walls such as "Dogs" "Pigs" "Lab" etc.. it's pretty gloomy. On a windy day like today the large fans spin to give a spooky feeling and doors have a habbit of slamming closed caused by drafts just to make you jump.

The second building I find more oppressive. The decay is more noticable but worse the sense of what went on inside behind closed doors hits you square on the nose. Signs of where the cages that once lined the walls are still very much visable and you can't help think what a grim place this must have been.

Worth a visit if you're in the area and although next to a family house been quiet on both visits but then I did notice the back gate has had a padlock put on in the last week.

Sorry my pics are not great but I hope add a little to the excellent ones that have already been posted..

This is dedicated to macaque monkey called Mone.:(

The Pig Cages


Lots of Corridors










The Sythe


Has anyone noticed the one room not open? LAB5 Histology. Locked and handle removed.

Thanks for looking and hope my 1st report is not a complete disaster.