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Report - Bucyrus Erie Drag Line, Swillington – May 2011.


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I’d wanted to see this for a fair few months so when Millhouse came into town we headed out for a wander, we had probably picked the windiest night of the year.

This little peach currently sits decommissioned with the odd tour being run inside of it , over the past 28 years various parts have been stolen from the drag line so it can’t be fired up.

It was built in 1948 by Bucyrus Erie & Co in South Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

After a brief stint over in the U.S it was shipped to the U.K, it has been dismantled 4 times over the years and has served in Pontypridd, Cannock and its current resting site of St Aidens open cast mine. Oh and it runs about 0.5mph so you’re not getting anywhere fast...





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