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Report - Buddon Ness Lighthouse.



I'm planning to take a trip to this site this weekend. The reason for this thread is, I'm wondering if anyone else has been to this site, or know it? I have walked around it a couple of times, when I visited Barry Budon for a day out. it seems to be looked after by the millitary of defence. As there is a perimiter around the lighthouse its self.
There is the lower light house about half a mile from the high lighthouse. Anyways, all in all it seems like a good day out to me. Whether I get into the light house or not (depending on security.)
There are a few Bunkers around that area so I'll definatly get some photos.

Some inf on the light house itself.

1866 (David and Thomas Stevenson). Station established 1688. Inactive since 1943. Approx. 27 m (90 ft) round brick and stone tower with lantern and gallery, painted white. A radar beacon operated by Forth Ports is mounted on the tower. 2-story Victorian keeper's house. A circular storeroom attached to the keeper's house is probably the base of the second (1753) lighthouse. After deactivation the lighthouse served for some years as an observation post, and for several years after 1987 it carried a radar scanner as part of a Dundee University research project. Located at the southern tip of the Barry Links, marking the entrance to the Firth of Tay. Site and tower closed. Owner: Forth Ports PLC. Site manager: Ministry of Defense. ARLHS SCO-025.


Image of the lighthouse itself.


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