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Buildering... anyone do it?

Oxygen Thief

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Done this a fair bit now. Twice in the last week. A fair few rooftops I've put on here are external climbs. Part of the process of this hobby now for me.

Edit: for anyone interested, these were all external climbs...

The Chambers, Manchester

Queensgate Market Hall, Huddersfield

A couple in Keighley

Huddersfield Town Stadium

New Street rooftop, Huddersfield

Industrial Co-Operative Society, Huddersfield

George Hotel, Huddersfield

Contact Theatre and AMC Rooftops, Manchester

Also, Urbis and G-MEX in Manchester... awaiting film to be developed, and I'll stick them up. Naturally, the extent and difficulty varies with each one... I am not a natural climber by any means, I don't go bouldering or anything... but it's given me a new, refreshing outlook on rooftopping in the city... a new challenge... and is certainly more interesting than the 'get past concierge / get in lift/staircase / go out of hatch' approach to rooftopping.
Thanks for the info mate, good to see two 'practices' working hand in hand there.


Hello Officer
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I do a fair bit in summer, proper bouldering is quite limited in Plymouth but we have lots of good limestone buildings and bridges, seems to keep passing tourists entertained too!


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28DL Full Member
Good stuff, I can't do that will knot usually gives me a hand getting over a 7ft wall :D


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28DL Full Member
I do quite a bit of bouldering indoors, with a tiny bit of outdoors in the summer, I'm always on the lookout for cool buildering spots though. Some pretty sweet limestone buildings around here with some sweet lines. May see if I can some photos in the summer


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28DL Full Member
It depends on how you go about it. If your objective is just to get through a first story window to get access to a place, then yeah it's just a means to an end. But if you approach it with a boulderer's mentality, you choose a good line that's going to be a challenge and work it until you've got it.