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Report - Bum hole and disorder , sheffield , september 2020


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Another one on my to do list ticked off first came across this while out walking the dog around shirebrook woods last year , thought id found something new at first but its been covered before brilliantly by tarky and his report made me aware of the last old section outfalling in to the river rother . Returning again this year it was obvious id have to get this done before rain stopped play as they say in cricket with time running out and a few spare holiday days i decided to tackle it before the bad weather arrived this weekend

the start of the lower section , nice stone pipe

not visable on the photo but you could see from one end to the other just !

shuttered concrete section nearly at the outfall

looking up concrete manhole


the outfall in to the river rother , quite picturesque lol

walking back upstream this was the start of the main explore, Was under no illusions what hard work lay ahead but if my home work was correct this should lead up to the ochre stained manhole chamber ( the bum hole ) squeezing under the metal grill i got inside

view down stream

got kitted up once id got past the grill , needless now to say but id come along with the trolley cart as its only about 1200mm diameter pipe

and of we go

slight reduction in pipe diameter here

moving on upstream looks like someone has lost a spade ! the rcp pipe stopped here and was replaced with spraycreted concrete over corrugated metal pipe

this next section looked like the roof had been painted with black paint ! did make it feel more sinister lol
obligatory 28 pic lol was only another 28 meters to the chamber then ?

arriving in the chamber it was evident it had changed since tarkys report someone had been down and removed the build up of ochre residue which had encompassed the handrail they had also blasted it everywhere so the section 1 or 2 or 3 had all but been lost turning left here rather than following the main flow i started exploring section 2

the start of section 2 ,corrugated metal pipe with a concrete floor

moving on past a couple of manholes there was light at the end of the tunnel

the drains cart at the end , no way out here although did have a rest here and soak up the fresh air

no rest for the wicked lol back to business going back to the chamber

on the way back to the main chamber looking up at one of the manholes i went past gives an idea how far underground i was
next manhole on same script

arriving back to the main chamber this was the start of section 3 ( the main flow )

a speck of light in the distance was the infall

half way down a few stallagtites was told at school these take thousands of years to form yeah right lol

end grill absolutely choked no way out here ! about turn

walking back to the main chamber the start of section 1 in view was nice to be able to walk about in this section and give my back a rest going back out the way i entered

nearly out coming back was easier as your going downhill but still a time the 750 is the distance in meters to the chamber ! another tuff one thanks for watching :thumb


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Aw maaaaan, no way, they cleaned the bumhole! I mean, @tallginge had a good go himself when we were there, but they've done a proper job on this. Not the first time they've gone and cleaned something up after it's been posted on here either - just providing a service ;-)

Anyway, good to see an update on these, nice one as always! :cool:
cheers mate the water companies must monitor the drainage forum lol


more tall than ginger tho.....
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Good effort mate they've given that a right good clean haven't they? That rusty ochre stuff got everywhere


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Sheffield seems to have quite a few drains dotted around, I must go up some time and take a look

Aw maaaaan, no way, they cleaned the bumhole! I mean, @tallginge had a good go himself when we were there, but they've done a proper job on this.
You mean it was more rancid?


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ha ha the pic at 28 meters....nice one...that one wants framing and hanging in the man cave :thumb