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Lead or Rumour info - Bunker possibly off Brancaster Beach, Norfolk


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I believe from a walk around the area, on the beach at Brancaster, North Norfolk in the dunes there may be a small bunker with a couple of rooms, I'm not sure if anyone has heard or known about this but I just thought it may be of interest as it's right next to the Brancaster Golf Club, which I beleve has been going for a 100 years or so which is a red brick building possibly early 1900's.

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a wee google maps link would be usefull here.
also a pic of what you have seen would be good too


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Brancaster Beach looks a damm interesting place if you have the Defence of Britain overlays for Google Earth. Several pillboxes, machine gun emplacements, a coastal battery, spigot mortar, anti tank gun emplacement and the remains of a couple of tanks.

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Yeh, I've been to Brancaster battery. lots of sand, a few rooms underground, nowt really report worthy. I played with glowsticks and cameras here, about all it's good for :)


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That may have been what was found but it's worth mentioning the old ship hotel in brancaster is very good for food, I've eaten there 6 times or more now, it's really recommended.


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Yep, this was part of Norfolk's 'Costal Crust' during WW2, one of Chris Richmonds videos shows the Brancaster battery in all it's (now limited) glory


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