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Report - 'Bunker' Storm Drain (Re-Visited), Warrington - May 2010


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Bunker Storm Drain, Warrington - May 2010.

Ojay, Thompski, Em Jay Ess & Gambino Present.

Located just outside Warrington, the storm drain known as 'BUNKER' built in the late 80's and home to approx 3.5 miles of concrete & RCP of varying heights, with a multitude of access points including chambers, stairs and a very impressive plughole, oh yeah and home to a million frogs.

I originally visited this place back in January HERE. But due to other commitments, only managed to see the R.A.E.L. chamber and a short section upstream of the outfall.

After hearing Em Jay Ess & Gambino were keen to check this place out, it was a case of two fluoro wielding Yorkshiremen, a Manc and one Midlander ending up in town.

And for a Brucie bonus I managed to get my own back on Thompski for dragging me back to the Processor (he's only been there 3 times before) LOL and once was enough for me!!! :rolleyes:

When we went to Bradford we were armed to the teeth with lighting, or so we thought. When Bradford came to Manchester it was insane in the brain.

UU aren't as equipped as these boys, I'm talking some serious shizzle.

Whilst waiting for Thompski to get his arse out of Uni and do something useful in drains the boys were already over in Warrington scoping the place out.

"Some dude in a tractor mowing the lawn"Ha Ha, oh boy do we love a challenge. Looks like Warrington has had enough of drain0rs, they have even modified manholes to prevent access Pffft.

After stocking up with drain meal we were up the M6 in a flash greeted by the other two complete with cans of Strongbow. After a couple of belches we were soon inside Bunker (again).

The trip was a fairly plain sailing affair, although more like a military operation at times complete with walkie talkies and rope mounted lighting down the plughole. Comedy moments ensued with some superb slipping skills from Gambino, and thompski's poor attempts at being a human penstock in an effort to control water. On a brighter note, none of the indigenous frogs were harmed.

After dropping in half way into the system, we frog hopped up the long RCP


Passing 2 or 3 inspection chambers on the way and a number of valves we came to the following smaller steps, at this point Thompski became the human penstock whilst we got a few shots



Eventually we came to a junction with the 'Plughole' to the left and the 'Giant Steps' straight on...Choices.....

Er, first up the Plughole. At the end of more RCP we arrived at the drop shaft with even more frogs.


We all took a number of photos here, below are just a few (Excuse the repetition here)






Beam us the fook up, as I can't be arsed climbing all them ladders



Indeed after a bit of teleportation we were up into the plughole


As I said before this was a military operation with me and Thompski down below complete with walkie talkie, whist the other 2 lowered the flouros down the dropshaft. (No lighting bitches required on this mission).

Assemble back in the plughole


Anyway after enough dicking around here it was time to head down and then back up-stream again to check out the 'Giant Steps', or in Gambinos case slide on his ass back down :D



Looking back down from the top



We spent over 4 hours in here on probably the hottest day of the year so far, it was nice and cool down under, but soon we had to return above ground to the blistering heat once again, leaving the frogs behind...

Outta Here



Thanks for Looking :thumb

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