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Report - Burlington House, Dover, Kent - Sept 2013


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This place had been on my list since I first started exploring Dover some 5 or 6 years ago. I think everyone local has at least walked the parameter at some point looking for access to the building. The building has always been kept well secured and although we had a few ideas they were never put into action and it was always placed on a back burner.

Finally the usual suspects grouped together and we devised a plan to access the building. The main problem with this site is its location right on the main road through Dover, attached to a very active hotel and a hotspot for police. We had never walked a full lap of the building without seeing a police car drive past.

After getting together one night to have a crack we decided our plan wasn’t going to work and to make matters worse we discovered there was someone in the building. Fast forward a couple of weeks and we returned for another reccy and this time identified another possible access point although this would prove to be a challenge.

Although the building sits a modest 12 stories high it is the highest point below the cliffs of Dover and offered some great views over the town.

Props to Hermy and Trav for making this happen and to Space Invader and Nik24 for the company.

Excuse the photos as it was pissing down with rain the whole time we were up there so I didn’t get any that I was overly happy with.


The foyer / Main Entrance


Working lifts and power - We didnt chance taking the lift up


Top of the core stairs


Plant gear and boiler room




Winch for cleaning the windows


Looking toward the harbour and cruse terminal


Looking down the building to the main road


Flats and hotel on dover esplanade


Time to leave :thumb


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