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Report - Burnt Oak Farm, Redhill, Surrey, May 2019


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So I’ve been semi aware of this one for quite a while but never came close enough to realise that it’s been abandoned for at least 5 years.

We wild camped nearby on quite a few occasions and always tried to keep the noise down, after looking into the history I’ve realised that we shouldn’t have bothered as the house was empty!

It looks like the owner of the house passed away and it was inherited by his wife who put it up for sale shortly after. It was listed for sale with a price tag of over £1m in 2017 probably due to the approved planning permission to demolish and rebuild. Development work looks to have started and stopped quite quickly and the workers clearly enjoyed a polish beer or two.

There was no legitimate access so could only shoot from outside unfortunately.










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Hello there,

This use to be our family farm many many moons ago. This belong to my great aunty and great uncle, my great uncle built the house so many years ago and they both lived here untill they both passed away. I have many special memoires of this place and its such a shame to see how over grown it has become since we sold it! I would love to go back and visit it but wasnt sure if anyone was living there. i think this answers that question.



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Up untill they passed away, we maintained the grounds - iIlearnt to drive on the land, and use to keep the grounds so neat. Its upsetting to see it like this, many times I have wanted to take a drive / walk up there to see what state or how they have converted it but i didnt want to intrude. I worte to the guy we sold it too but we never got a reply however he signed for the letter.

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