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Report - - Burton Pidsea ROC Post – Yorkshire Group 25.07.07 | ROC Posts |

Report - Burton Pidsea ROC Post – Yorkshire Group 25.07.07

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28DL Full Member
After checking out Bandesburton ROC post and hitting a dead end, myself and Swis headed off back to Burton Pidsea.
We’d been here a couple of weeks ago and pretty much missed the post because it stands between a shed and garage that have been constructed since the post was built.
After checking again on Sub Brit we realised that we’d been stood only five feet from it :rolleyes:


It also has a loads of wood and bricks stacked up on the top and between the structures.
There is a house right next to it so we knocked on the door and an old boy appeared looking rather hacked off.
We told him about the forum and its ethics etc… Once he realised that we weren’t a couple of pikeys he was quite forthcoming with info.


He’s lived there since 1980 and he’s never been down it and neither has anyone else since then.
He did go down it prior to that once, because his cousin was in the Corps and was based at that post.
We questioned him on whether he thought it had any original fixtures and fittings left, but he seemed to think that it was empty.
Finally we asked him if we could clear the wood and attempt to get down there at some point that was convenient.
He was a little hesitant, but said that if we went back later in the year, he’d let us go down.


So, a possible result there; we’ll check it out again in a couple of months or so.

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