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Report - Bury FC Light&radio transmiter tower


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28DL Full Member
Just a quick one on this, I spotted the tower a few years ago and always said I wonder what the view is like from up there! so I did it! had to be during the night because there always seams to be someone working in Bury ~FC

As it was my first tower climb, it was epic! nothing like the feeling of being that high up!



Hopefully I get a few pictures on a revisit to get some day light pictures!



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Good to see you getting out and doing stuff.
I wouldn't recommend doing these kind of things during the day, when you're on high stuff like this people on the ground can see you in daylight. You never know who's looking, I learnt the hard way last year and got busted by the Police on a rooftop last year.
Bit of practice with your camera, and you'll find night time shots are better on high stuff than daytime, but that's my opinion.
Nice one again :thumb
Looking forward to the next report from you :thumb

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