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Lead or Rumour info - Bus Depot Rotherham


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I know what you're thinking 'oh it's just a boring bus depot blah blah' as tbh that would be my first reaction, but check out how big it is - it's bloody enormous. Must be worth someone's time to go and have a nosey surely as it's a bit far for me to just pop over to.

Someone flew a drone over it here and got a little bit of footage.



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i had a look the other day easy enough to get in the grounds but couldnt find way in the main building and theres a car parked round near the front not sure what that was.All the ladders to the roof have been chained up aswell. Maybe i missed something i was been abit rushed.Watch out for the needles around the back of it too theres quite a few


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I used to work there and you'll be very lucky gain access as there as big metal doors that are tight shut, also the police have been training there recently as well as tbh there isn't much in there apart from the small office bits, its also got security on it 24/7 i believe


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Hi guys, seen you're interested in the bus depot, we explored it back in march, our video is on youtube and I have a lot of photos which I'm gonna do a report on it.