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Report - Bushfield Army Camp, Hampshire, June 2011

De Flea

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Bushfield Camp was an army training camp functioning during WW2 and also used to train recruits to the Green Jackets Brigade between 1961-64. It was also used to train National Servicemen in the 1950s.

We didn't get a lot of time to look around here as the rain came in fast and flushed us out. Definitely wanna go back and take another look around!







Thanks for looking!


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28DL Full Member
I've known about this site for many years, when I first explored it there were many buildings still standing, and some were in reasonable condition. I was out exploring this morning and decided to go back and see how it has changed due to being in that area. All the buildings are now demolished and some trees have been cleared too. I'm now wondering if a development is imminent ? A field next door is also looking "freshly cleared" too.


I call bullshit!
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There was a consultation meeting to discuss development in 2016, but it doesn't look like anything came of it as there are no related planning applications. Last year permission was granted as below -

Buildings ..... to be reduced to the height of 18 inches. Buildings are currently not in use and pose a Health & Safety risk. Redevelopment is proposed at a later date.

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