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well ladies and gentlemen, first post from me. Short of anything really amazing, no swims up flooded tunnels and standing on top of cranes from me. Haven't seen a posting from Bushfields Camp for a while so have a few pics from a visit back in April. Most if not all of you here will be fully aware of the site in Hampshire. Its ease of access, not challenging but I like the inside of the Armoury for its graffiti. Have been warned about druggies etc but no sign of anyone more threatening then a dog walker.
I hope to get out over the festive season and give you something a little different if I can. comments and advice gladly accepted. Brief catch up on the history of the site:

Bushfield Camp was a WW2 training camp. It was built in 1939 for £100,000. It was used by British and American Soldiers in the early 1940’s prior to deployment to Europe from a near-by American airstrip, possible at Worthy Down, and on into1949 by the Rifle Brigade and the Kings Royal Rifle Corps. These regiments later became the Royal Green Jackets based in the Peninsula Barrack, Romsey Road Winchester. The Green Jackets used Bushfields while the Peninsula Barracks (The Rifle Depot) where being refurbished in late 50’s.

During the 1950’s the camp was used to train National Servicemen before they were posted to Germany or Malaya.

The site may have been used by GCHQ staff during the 1970’s who used Bushfield as a billet while based at the Listening Station at RAF Flowerdown possibly listening into Russian spy trawlers in the North Sea during the Cold War from Flowerdown

The site has stood empty for more than 40 years, and redevelopment of a former base is never far away. Hampshire Country Council have drawn up draft Environment policies for the area. The site comprises around 43 hectares

The derelict ruins include the camp armoury, blast pens, a firing range, gymnasium, stores, workshop, guard house, armoury, Decom/ Dry Store, parade ground and a number of other structures.

The Church Commissioners for England who now own the site, want to involve local residents and businesses in shaping a future that provides the right mix of development for business need and community enjoyment.

Access is either from the old front gate and its two parking spaces, or across the fields from the local Sainsbury's

First walk around the tarmac road less past the old RTF NBC bunker

and on to the range office and range back stop




walking on around the perimeter road brings you to the parade ground

the vehicle workshop

the gym and stores

Highlight for me is the Armoury. A suitably robust construction even after some 70years!

Inside is the main munitions

and a one of anti-rooms, offices, boiler room etc





I enjoyed a sunny afternoons ramble around the site with no one to bother me, hope you enjoyed another look at the site.

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Im trying to find the exact location of this site but can't seem to get anything; please could i have the location, many thanks :)


:banghead Flipping heck there are no sign posts, and directions are not normally given :rolleyes:


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28DL Full Member
round about with the A3090, B3335 and badger farm road. Bushfield farm is 1km on the left the camp is just before on the right. small gate with room for about two cars. This is general access land so no issues giving directions but the information is available on line, on satilite maps like google earth and on OS maps


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Really nice to see this but I visited it the other day and apart from the metal structure there aren't any buildings standing anymore. A few walls have held up but it doesn't have much going for it anymore really.

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