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Report - Bushfields Training Camp, Winchester, September 2015


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Since I’m relatively new to both exploring and the South of England (and had a sneaky Monday off work), I thought I’d attempt my first solo trip somewhere risk free and closish to home. If I was American I’d refer to it Exploring 101, but I’m not. So I won’t.

The location of choice was Bushfields Training Camp just outside of Winchester. A little bit of history, the site was a training camp during WW2 and post war it continued to be to train national servicemen, and was also home of the Green Jackets Brigade in the 60s. The camp closed in the 70s. Since then it has had many redevelopment applications, none of which have stuck. And looking at the camp no development seems to be in the pipeline now.

There is no perimeter fencing on this site at all and has a nice convenient footpath leading from the Supermarket car park around a farmers field to the North West corner of the camp. Apologies for the quality of pictures; ropey compact, no photography skills, and torrential rain were all to blame.

First building you get to


Site is littered with old abandoned buildings all but one were empty shells and majority surrounded by dense undergrowth. Most of which were nettles, brambles or other such spiky plants which made my choice of wearing shorts a particularly poor one. Although this is a constant mistake I make. What's that old phrase of doing the same thing over and over again but expecting different results...


Note the nettles... Nothing in this one, but suppose had to look :-)

The next few images are all from the armoury, only building which was pretty much intact.

Redecorated since the Green Jackets moved out


Found this cage a little creepy, especially in the only room which had very little light... for keeping things secure that require to be kept secure - I'd guess!

The roof of the armoury

And finally what was the largest building on the camp

And that's your lot thanks for reading the report, if anyone knows any more history about the place it'll be good to hear.

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