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Video Report - Butterly Engineering, Ripley [July 2016]


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Hiya guys, so last weekend me and Venture with Harry went exploring at Butterly Engineering in Ripley. The explore was pretty cool with some cranes and other nice features. Unfortunately the overall vid quality on this one isnt as good as usual due to forgetting to put the gopro in low light mode , so i had to mess around with the exposure in final cut making it look a little unnatural at parts, and also having to leave early due to having to dodge secca.

History:(couldn't find much on the web, so iv taken the history from BrainL's report
The Butterley Company was an English manufacturing firm founded as Benjamin Outram and Company in 1790. Portions of it existed until 2009.

Notable patents were taken out by the company's manager, Sir John Alleyne. In December 1859 Alleyne patented a method of producing a load-bearing iron beam known as the Butterley Bulb, used in many early iron steam ships including HMS Warrior In 1861 Alleyne patented a method that allowed hot ingots to be moved around a roller after they had passed by just one person. During the production of steel sections the bar has to be repeatedly put through rollers. Allowing this to happen using just one person was a substantial increase in productivity. By 1863 the company was rolling the largest masses of iron of any foundry in the country. Among its most famous buildings are the Barlow train shed at St. Pancras in London which included 240-foot spans.

As always Thanks for watching and if you liked it consider checking out my youtube channel i have lots more vids like this.

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