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Report - Bwlch leadmine Cage lifts (unfinished business) Wales, April 2014

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After visiting this lovely mine about a year ago with landsker, we were sick to discover that the cage lifts that we really wanted to see were about 120ft below our feet and only accessible by dropping down shonky ladders and abseiling the last 65ft...fast forward nearly a year and we were back with the clobber and basic skills to get the job done.
Visited with Landsker and Lenston, thanks to Spungletrumpet for some good info too.

my original report is here http://www.28dayslater.co.uk/forums/mines-quarries/81144-bwlch-glas-lead-mine-wales-june-2013-a.html

some history

Lead Mining started at Bwlch Glas started during the 1880's when a level was excavated to intercept two parallel veins of ore, which outcropped further up the hill. Serious production at the mine didn't start until 1909, when an impressive processing mill was constructed and other levels opened. The Scottish Cardigan Lead Mining Company Ltd. finally closed the mine in 1923, having worked there on a fairly intermittent basis for a number of years.

After much contemplation at the top of the drop and eating of morrisons steak slices we decided that we were going to see these cages.

top of the ladders, at the bottom of this is the 65ft clear drop down to the cages

Immediately you see this fantastic stope and you kind of forget about the climb back up for a while.

Then you catch sight of the cages

What a sight, these cages are really awesome, the gates above the cages would drop down to secure the occupants


next level ladies underwear, going down:)

Check the old light fitting

from the rear of the cage lifts

thanks for looking


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Re: Bwylch leadmine Cage lifts (unfinished business) Wales, April 2014

Nice shots there mate and well worth the effort, I was Knackered from just pulling the bags up !! Great day up there though :thumb
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Re: Bwylch leadmine Cage lifts (unfinished business) Wales, April 2014

Good stuff, enjoyed reading that :thumb

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Good effort, looks worth the effort to get down to the bottom :thumb

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