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Lead or Rumour info - Byker Grove, Newcastle


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Had a drive up today....
The main entrance is a no go... All blocked off .. huge gates and construction warning signs ect... Barbed wire.. the works... (Also there is a gatehouse which I noticed is very lived in... So watch out for that :)
Had to reverse out onto the main road as there was no space for me to turn the car around.

Had a drive around the estate surrounding it and the closest I could get was a small park next to the fence... which unfortunately was 8 feet high complete with Barbed Wire...
Had a peek through the fence and noticed scaffolding around the side of the Building.. So I'm assuming they are doing the place up... I heard a rumour that its to be developed into a Mosque... But for now I believe they are still combating the Japanese Knotweed that has taken over the grounds....

Its a huge shame that access isnt that easy... But then If it was easy... It would be no fun :p

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Dont worry ive had my eye on this place in benwell for a year or so ;)


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your a girl, you will be treat much better that a guy if you get in any trouble (wich you wont) now, have ou found access?