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Lead or Rumour info - Byron St School - Oldham (Greater Manchester)


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Only a small infant school in Royton, Oldham. Occupies a lovely old building (now all boarded up) in the centre of Royton but got shut down in 2007. Had a brief walk round it but couldn't see any obvious entries. The playground is now being used as a car park and is looked after by Oldham council, but it's in the kind of area where locals are likely to make a new entrance pretty soon. I'd love to have a look inside as many elderly people in my town including one of my grandparents went there, and it shut down just after I began secondary school so growing up I knew people who went.


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It's very modern inside and access involved a bit of climbing, it's been a few years now and the grounds are used for parking during the day

The pikeys have had a go too and I imagine a fair bit of weather damage since