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Report - Cadburys, Keynsham. OK, just the boiler house. - July 2012


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I'm posting this straight to the Fetid Pit, as I am in dispair.:(

Cadburys Somerdale chocolate factory, another West Country landmark, is soon to be lost forever. Here's a potted history gleaned from press reports - so don't quote me on this.

The Somerdale plant was built by the Fry family, who merged with Cadburys in 1919. Since then various chocolate products with the Fry or Cadbury brand were made until March of 2011.


In early 2010 the American food giant, Kraft, bought Cadburys in a controversial take over, and had promised to keep the Somerdale plant open. Almost immediately after the takeover was completed Kraft announced that production would be moved abroad and the plant closed.
With the loss of about 400 jobs, mostly to local residents, the people of Keynsham naturally felt betrayed.

Taylor Wimpey then became the developers for the site and said they would consult the local community before announcing their proposals for development, which they did in January 2012. Basically they plan to retain the extensive sports facilities of the Fry Club, and on the rest of the site build about 700 new houses and associated facilities.

So, for the last year, the factory has been subject to strict security while contractors remove any reclaimable assets prior to demolition. Several wanders around the locality showed it would be difficult to get in - for me anyway. I have seen an excellent report with superb photos' which look as though they must have been taken almost straight after the last chocolate bar was made. I wanted to get in before everything disappeared.

Finally, with a bit of perseverance, and no sign of security or cameras etc, I gained access. As it was closest I thought I would start with the boiler house, and after a scout around I found an unlocked door. Inside it looked like a lot of machinery had been removed. Most of what was left was wrapped up. Don't know if it was to keep something in, or to protect it from the dust created when the rest was cut up for removal.

I hadn't been in there very long when I heard a door bang and distant voices. plus a very loud motor running somewhere just outside and, oh shit, a very big bark. And what a big police dog it belonged to. And it was accompanied by two rather stern policemen.

Yep, I hadn't escaped seccies watchful eye, and, they'd enlisted help. But one lone explore hardly seems to warrant a police dog and a helicopter. I don't know whether to feel Bad, Stupid, or Unlucky. :eek:: Please don't pick more than two.

Once they knew what I was up to they relaxed, well I don't think the dog did, and I got a bit of a stern talking to and a lift back to my car. Not in the chopper though.

So, my grand explore hardly got started, At least I got these......






Wish I could have got to the top walkways, but the the access ladders had been cut away at the bottom.





An impressive amount of white ceramic/enameled brickwork and large concrete machine bases.









And finally, a couple of furtive snaps of Avon and Somersets finest as they request my company. Yes, I know the snaps are crap, but I didn't use a tripod. :banghead



Thanks for looking. :)


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