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Report - Cadley Hill Colliery Railway, Derbyshire, April 1976


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Located in the South Derbyshire Coalfield, which was the smallest in the Midlands, the colliery opened in 1861 and lasted until March 1988. The site was then subject to opencast coal mining, which have obliterated every trace of it.
In the 1970's, the collieries were switching to diesel locomotives for their shunting, but the manager at Cadley Hill was a steam enthusiast and gathered cast offs from other collieries, overhauled some of them and used steam 100% for the raiway system.
Having heard that one of the engines had just been fitted with a new boiler and would be in steam that weekend, we decided to pay a visit. In them days you literally just walked in, after signing the Indemnity Book and wandered around!


A 1962 built Hunslet 'Austerity' outside the shed


Inside the shed was this 1953 Bagnall. The chimney is part of a system to improve efficiency.


This is Progress sporting her brand new boiler, what we came to see.


The old boiler was being cut up at the back of the Fitting Shop.


This view shows the inner copper firebox and how it is stayed to the outer wrapper


A handy spoil heap enabled this shot



Proof that altering signs is nothing new! The chimney required attention!


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