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Report - Cafe Mousel - Luxembourg - August 2019


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Life's been a bit busy for me recently and got in the way of a lot of exploring. Luckily while on a family holiday to Luxembourg I managed to slip away for an afternoon to see some local derps. This was the only successful one of the few I tried, but it was worth it.

Not really a great deal to say about this place to be honest. It's a old restaurant/cafe in a small village in central Luxembourg. You could drive right past it and never notice it was there.
Luxembourg is a country of varied and contrasting houses, lots of very old farmhouses often sat right next to very modern square houses make picking out genuine derelict houses a bit tricky.
Like a lot of houses here they are quite tall and have 3 or 4 levels. This house has 4 levels, with a loft and a basement level.

The Explore
I had this pinned for a little while now, but little to no info, turned out to be a very easy one. It's become a bit of a graffiti'd mess, with a neatly organised box of used spray cans left in one room.
It does have a few interesting features left, a nice old piano, a few beds, even an old skittles alley. There were a few places where it was obvious that things had been organised and set up in rooms, a bit of a trend in these European locations I've found.

All in all a good honest euro-derp!




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That’s a lot nicer than I was expecting after you sent me a few pics, way more to the place than I would have imagined when you said it was a cafe lol! Some very nice shots there mate, lovely light in the cellar ones.

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Nice, I strangely like the piano shot, very decayed, but also very beautifully shot. English graffiti gets everywhere :thumb