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Report - Cala Egos coastal defence bunker - Mallorca - Oct 13


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Coastal defence bunker - Cala Egos, Mallorca

Whilst lazing about on the beach sipping san Miguel and watching binkini clad lovelies
frollocking in the clear blue waves, my attention was suddenly drawn to a small rock
built structure on the coastline...turns out it was a pillbox :thumb


History bit

This is one of many shelters were built in the Forties on behest of General Franco who
was somewhat paranoid about an imminent invasion by the allied troops. Although Spain had
officially not taken any sides in the military conflict of World War 2, España was clearly on
Hitler’s and Mussolini’s side. The two Fascist leaders had come to Franco’s help during the
Spanish Civil War and there had always been a latent alliance between the three nations
all led by totalitarian autocrats even if no joint military action was carried out between 1938
and 1945.
As Hitler’s grasp in the occupied territories diminished, Franco feared for some military
retribution by France, Britain, USA and the USSR. For some reason he was convinced that
an invasion was imminent and he expected it here, in the Balearic Isles. He assembled a
relatively large fleet of submarines, based in the North of the island, in Port de Pollença,
and he reinforced some of Mallorca’s defense installations, such as Cap Enderrocat, Cabo
Blanco, Sa Fortalesa, Muleta and Aucanada. I think there were about twenty coastal
defense fortifications here in Mallorca, all equipped with heavy cannons and other such
artillery array. Some of these are still intact even though mostly abandoned; some such
installations have now been re-constituted for coastal surveillance by radar.

Explored with my 5 year old, without tripod or torch, so apologies for the lack of quality...



not much to look at on the outside, and easily missed (I guess that was the idea)


Hmm..access could be tricky on this one :rolleyes:


pitch black inside, so a high iso setting is the way to go,
and maybe the odd flash shot for good measure


this side room would have been used for eating and sleeping in, away from the gun emplacement


The boy was keen to explore this one..even in the dark


the gun emplacement, although there doesn't appear to any remains of gun mounts or fixings



I can think of worse views whilst pondering an imminent invasion


This turret faces out towards sea and would have offered the first view of any enemy ships


whilst this one points across the bay towards Cala d'or

It was nice to combine holidays with a bit of exploration, much to the disgust of the missus :D

Thanks for looking :thumb