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Report - Calcott Hall Llanymynech Powys 09/09/2015


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Calcott Hall, (grade II listed in 1953) and was home to a dairy farm built in 1725

We had spent the previous evening on night #3 of our Honeymoon, enjoying fine dining, silver service and rather quaint surroundings in a somewhat ‘old fashioned’ country hotel in Oswestry Shropshire. These type of surroundings were much to the horror of my builder ‘Iron Maiden’ fan new husband, however being somewhat ‘twee’ myself felt offered a perfect end to conquering Snowdon up the Pyg track in record time!

Anyway I digress, I had chosen the location when booking our little trip as it was only a 30 minute drive from Llanymynech Powys. I had been vaguely interested in my recently discovered ‘Urban Exploring’ for a while. It was my ‘then’ boyfriend who had introduced me to the various websites and the idea of exploring disused and abandoned structures, and planted the idea.

Setting off on the morning, the mist had lifted and it was a clear sunny day. Nursing my still aching bones from marching up Snowdon, I could feel the anxiety rising. I had announced to my circle of friends that I plan to undertake my first explore in the up and coming weeks. However as I could see the distance reducing on the Satnav, and the road turning into country lanes, I was overcome with apprehension.

We approached the destination, and after searching for the building online in the weeks previous, I recognised the large stone structure creeping up through the trees, like some sort of ‘hills have eyes’ lodgings. The roads were empty and although we passed a few residential properties, we hardly saw another human being for around a mile.

We parked in what seemed like the most obvious place and made our way to the building. It is actually a dairy farm, and judging by the fresh pats still visited by the odd cow. With my heart in my mouth, we entered the building to begin our explore. The building is absolutely beyond repair, the roof tiles are falling off and greenery creeps through the windows and climbs the internal walls. There are papers, letters, material and general debris all over the floors. The drawers look like they’ve been emptied over the floor. The information I managed to find online, states that the building hasn’t been occupied since the 70s, however some paperwork contradicts this.

Due to my nerves overtaking, we were only inside for around fifteen minutes. I don’t own any type of photography device apart from my iPhone and a Lumix which is 6 years old and take pictures around 30 seconds after pressing the button. I haven't altered the images, this is as they were taken with no flash.

Please go easy on my first entry for my first explore

pic 1.jpg

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