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Report - Calcott Hall. Llanymynech. Wales. November 2013


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Hi all, hopefully my PC issues are now history and i can actually post some report now ?

Calcott Hall was on my radar for a while but due to it"s distance from Yorkshire it was stuck on the back-burner until it was made World famous thanks to the Daily Fail and that certain gentleman ??

History is a little vague on the Hall with conflicting reports on the NET. The building has origins @1725 and from records the Jones family seem to have owned the Hall throughout this time up until the remaining owner died around the late 70"s/ early 80"s. It states it was originally a 4 bedroom building but theres at least 5 set up with multiple beds.The Hall was granted Grade 2 listing back in 1956 and has since been for sale quite a few times without success. Looking at the condition of the hall now that"s no major Surprise. It"s a pity the hall has not had the same level of attention as the outer Dairy farm buildings which seem mostly watertight. Probably the local Farmer who uses the farm has more interest in these sections.

Arrived before Dawn after a 2 1/2 hour drive into Welsh Wales, and due to recent reports about a lodger at the hall i decided stealth mode was required for this solo visit.....cue slips, trips and falls lol until i was in the courtyard with the dark silhouette of the hall in front of me. As i made my way towards it the peace was shattered by a herd of cows heading towards me in the dark. Luckily they didn"t see me and went into one of the barns. I then noticed one of them had remained and it walked towards me, at this time i realised it was indeed a "Bloody massive Bull" I backed towards the Hall door only to end up in @ 8 inches of Cow slurry SHIT" which the local Farmer who still uses the Dairy farm has piled up outside the entrance to prevent people getting in (i Presume) The Bull was too close for comfort now so i acted like a cartoon character and ran as fast as i could without actually making forward motion, thanks to the slurry. after crushing my Nuts on the gate we had a standoff for about ten minutes before i admitted defeat and tried to find another entrance without Bovine intervention.

One suicide entrance later , which was not assisted by the slurry that seemed to be covering 30% of my body and i progressed into the cellars which were in total darkness. hence lenser lit long exposure shots before slowly progressing around the Hall.

It"s surprising how many pictures and other things had vanished in the week or so of the last report and my visit. Obviously the collectors have been busy. I unlike these do not take anything or rummage through personal item, if it"s visible i"ll take a pic" otherwise i leave alone.

Sorry for long first post, hopefully it"s worth it.
Regards A-R


Calcott hall


Cellar 1


Butter Churn


Cellar 2


It"s a Trap!


DDT spray....calms cattle !!!!


Tradesmans Kitchen


Syringe Sink


Main Kitchen


Living Room




Front Room


Bedroom 1


Bedroom 2


Bedroom 3


Bedroom 4


Bedroom 5


Upstairs, Upstairs, Upstairs




Stairway To Heaven
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