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Report - Calcott Hall, Powys, August 2014


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Calcott Hall now commonly known as Red Dress Manor has become infamous, thanks in part to an article in the Daily Fail. Originally a dairy farm dating from around 1725 this grade two listed building is now in extensive state of disrepair. The level of personal effects still in place is amazing and this was now one of my favourite explores, hoping to go back soon. There are contradicting reports of when it was last inhabited but the condition inside is still impressive, no doubt in part to its rural location helping save it from the random vandalism other sites suffer from.

This wasn't a visit planned in advance, driving around wales and Googling to find a nearby explore came up with this, no tripod and a half full CF card with a visit to Denbeigh planned for the next day meant shots were limited. Really need to work on my planning! When we arrived there were two bored looking teenagers hanging around in the obvious parking spot, so we drove around for a bit hoping they would leave as they looked like they could be local farmers kids, but after a while they still hadn't left so we parked up. Nice surprise they came over and warned us about the farmer, but also told us his usual routine and how to avoid him.










Thanks for looking!
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Cracking shots..... captured the mood really well.


A life backwards
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Very nice snaps :)
Marinas - those were the days!


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No sign of the freeky frock then.
It's a great place and many people have enjoyed mooching.
Thanks for the pics.


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Thanks for the comments.
No sign of the dress, although that might have been my lack of observational skills! Think I'll ask the person I went with if she remembers seeing it as I'm curious as to whether it was still there...

Rebecca Knight

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I was here just this week the lounge has been cleaned and a new floor put in very strange place midge you we where there late at night

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