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Report - Caldwell's Paper Mill, Inverkeithing 10/07/09


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Visited with Well Wasp, Urban Fox, Speed and Rigsby.

Apart from being very trashed on the main bottom floor, Caldwell's made for a very well spent afternoon. The labs were incredible and there was lots of playing with mercury and other dangerous activities. It was ages ago that we went now so it's hard to remember any details. There's so many derelict paper mills in the area, it's amazing there's any paper left! Rumour has it they make paper in other countires too but I'm not 100% convinced.

So yeah, we mooched around here for a while after we'd been to the Paton's shoelace place in the morning. It was actually super productive day and we managed to fit lots in. I can't find a lot of inromation online about it do some more background knowledge is definitely needed.

Here's the pics!

































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