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Report - Cambrian slate mine, Glyn ceriog. September 2013.


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Visited with the mine with Georgie and The Kwan, Great to meet you guy's btw. This was the first mine I'd ever explored so it was great to be with 2 others who knew the drill.

The Kwan's already posted a report of this adventure so my reports going to be similar but I'll try my best to differ it.

The day started out by us meeting in the lower village, Then making a decision that we would later regret, A BIG MASSIVE HILL by the time we'd walked up it to get to where the mine entrance was we were absolutely knackered! Anyway's after a bit of a rest whilst trying to pin point the exact entrance point all was good:rolleyes:

The cambrian mine was mined until 1937 (according to a local chappie that we met) Then the workers found out they could earn more farthings by shoveling snow in and around the area!

Yep! This was our porthole, it's bigger than it looks.

After a 10 meter crawl though the hole We were greeted with this, I was happy at this point:D I could stand up.

After a little look around We found various ways to get in or out, Got to admit this was a relief for me.

The same entrance as above.

Note: my home made lamp.

The water wasn't that deep that day, we could see that it had gone much higher by water markings on the mine walls.

The Kwan.



We met a diver who was telling us about mine carts in the submerged part of the mine up to 25 meters deep apparently. The diver and Kwan got on really well, they were discussing various interesting things like the colour of the moon and such:D

some old winch wire rope and cog.

A giant cylinder for the mines air tools.



And lastly a random shot that came out quite well.

Thanks for looking Telf..

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