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28DL Full Member
I am not an Explorer as such (not enough bottle), but read this site with interest and a lot of admiration for some of the explores

Has anyone had a look at this place that was shut a few years ago, and now seems abandonded? It is on the A483 just before Llanwrtyd Wells (travelling west) Easy to find, and the signs are still there. last year we stopped, drove into the car park at the back and had a little look round the outside. All the equipment was still there, and seemed intact. There are houses nearby, and maybe the owners? This used to be a very important place selling their own produced high quality clothes, and a very busy tearoom. Think it may have been for sale once, but not sure what is happening now, as I have not seen it for a year.

I remember visiting about 25 years ago, when it was the leading tourist attraction in the whole area. Surprised it has never been re opened, probably not profitable enough.

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