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28DL Full Member

On a number of journeys out and about, I kept noticing this tower in the distance. Towers are my favourite things to climb so I can't help but notice them.

Well, I drove past again today and I thought I'd go and see if I could find it.

I set off in the direction of the tower and eventually managed to find it. It turns out, it is only about a 25-minute drive from my house which is great.

The tower is on a "main road" but the village is so secluded that in the entire time I was there, only a single Royal Mail van drove past. This is perfect.

The entrance to the bottom of the tower couldn't be simpler as there is a piece of the fence missing around the side. I climbed through the gap and then began to scout out the bottom of the area.

The base is super simple to get into and the first rung of the ladder is simple to get to also. This is a perfect climb and with the right weather, could present great views.

Once I was happy with the entrance to the tower, I sent my DJI Mavic Pro up for a closer look at the climb. - apologies for the shakiness, it was a very windy day and there is something over the lens of the camera; so ignore the hair-like line

The ladders themselves aren't actually caged and are completely open on all sides. There are platforms every so often and according to the figures on the drone, it stands at about 85 / 90m tall.

From a first look point of view, it seems like a fun tower to climb and if I get good weather, the final result should look good too!

I will post on here once I've completed the climb!