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Report - Camden Catacombs, London - Nov. 2011


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This was part one in our recent trip to London. We made our way through the charmingly odd Camden Lock Market, stopping for some food from a couple of the Mexican and Indian stalls, before heading through to Camden Lock. We decided to try and hide out of sight down the side of the bridge (where people had thrown endless amounts of beer cans) while we inflated Fishbrain’s dingy. We soon realised we weren’t out of sight at all when every passer by clocked us and started laughing. To quote the taunt of a 6-year-old girl: “Youuuuu’re in the ruuuuuubish!†Felt like stig of the dump haha :D So we got the dingy inflated and, with our heads now dizzy, threw it into the canal. “That’s NEVER holding two people!†Myself and Fish climbed in and it didn’t sink, so off into the darkness of the underground canal basin we went.


An underground labyrinth of Victorian tunnels and vaults that lie underneath Camden, the “Catacombs†were built in the 19th century as stables for horses and pit ponies that were used to shunt railway wagons.

After a couple of return trips to pick up Gone and Rookie we were all in. We made our way through the catacombs and reached the street level entrance, which is gated and lit up. It seems to be within a building, and there was frequent activity. Unfortunately large sections of the system are now sealed off.








On the way out we came across a massive block of polystyrene, which we sailed out of the basin and down the canal for lols :D

Good times! :D